New Wolverine trailer have a new trailer for Wolverine: Origins on their site.

Now I know this is going to really divide opinion here but it’s clear that the movie is going to be reasonably faithful to the graphic novel of the same name released by Marvel back in 2001. I remember before I read it I really didn’t want to know Wolverine’s past as the mystery is such a large part of the character’s charm. However as it was bought for me as a gift I couldn’t not read it and I, ultimately thoroughly enjoyed it.

**SPOILERS**However there’s a few changes I don’t think I like already from what I can see of the trailer. For one the direct indication that the boy is Logan (whilst in the comic you suspect Dog is thanks to the likeness of his father and Dog’s attitude contrasted with the boy’s meekness) and also the comradeship shown between him and Dog.**END SPOILERS**

Otherwise it looks ace and I rather hope this will be a return to the quality of the Bryan Singer works, whilst simultaneously washing the bad taste of Brett Ratner’s X3 away.
Link to Latinreview Article and Trailer

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