Same-sex Blood Drinker Murderers

Here we go again, with a British effort thrusting it’s pelvis in the face of all those who loved Shaun Of The Dead, with the current cream of the crop in British comedy double acts headlining. Ant and Dec had their turn with the yawnsome Alien Autopsy, and let’s be fair, you’d have to be truly amazing to knock Frost & Pegg off their thrones.

Lesbian Vampire Killers is gunning for “Most Simplistic & Stupidest Sounding Name Of The Year” and it stars the duo of Matthew Horne and James Corden. If you have no idea who these two are, then you may have survived the Gavin & Stacey onslaught that every boyfriend/husband/fuckbuddy around the United Kingdom has been forced to endure recently. Note: as truly nice and down to earth Corden can be, he is partially responsible for “Oh, what’s occurin’?” That’s it, give in to your anger….

Anyway, the new trailer’s hit the interwebs, and I will admit it’s looking like just the kind of stupidity I’d enjoy. Also, there’s plenty of hot girls. SOLD.

One Response to “Same-sex Blood Drinker Murderers”

  1. Hell yes!

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