The Running Asgardian

Right, who is this guy? Any ideas? No? CORRECT! I don’t know either, but let us introduce you to James Preston Rogers. JPR (as we’ll call him for the sake of saving keystrokes) is a contender in the running for the role of the God of Thunder in Kenneth Branagh‘s version of Thor. This man’s competition appears to be Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler and Viggo Mortensen. You know how the saying goes, root for the underdog and all that…

So who is he again? Unknown to practically everyone, JPR is Canadian, he’s an unknown actor, he’s a former wrestler, and he’s near enough a giant amongst men. We think this chap has the size and the looks of the Thunder God down to a tee, and we strongly think that casting JPR would be a good move.

Standing at 6 foot 6 inches tall, having the sculpted physique a Masters Of The Universe action figure would die for, and owning his own long blonde hair says to me that he pretty much fills all the criteria needed to portray Thor. Rumour has it that he can act too. Therefore this is the way forward, as for a licence like this, fans won’t want to see the “name” actors here, and would rather see how the character is portrayed on screen. It worked for a few guys like Mark Hammill, Hugh Jackman, Tobey Maguire, non? So, here at Blammo hereby decree that JPR is our new friend, and we’d like him to be Thor very, very muchly.

Cue video.

One Response to “The Running Asgardian”

  1. Perfect, just perfect 🙂

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