Mexican or Mexican’t?

Okay lots of fantastic news this morning!

First Aint it Cool reported the official commencement of NerveRackers, the latest movie by Robert Rodriguez. n the usual “blah blah I know this celebrity personally blah blah” crap that Harry Knowles puts in all his columns you can just about make out that this will be a sci fi film noir, supposedly akin to Bladerunner. I think. Anyway that’s cool right?

The other news is regarding THE GREATEST MOVIE NOT YET MADE ™: The Expendables. Now this is the latest awesome idea by Sylvestor Stallone telling the story of a group of bad ass mercenaries hired to overthrow a south American dictator. Sounds cool already yeah? But wait – you haven’t heard the cool bit! The Expendables stars Sly himself, Arnold Shwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Jason Stathom, Ben Kinglsey, Dolph Lundgren and many, many more.

And the news today from is that BLAMMO favourite Danny Trejo has joined the cast.

Can this film get any better? I really don’t think it can!

6 Responses to “Mexican or Mexican’t?”

  1. Just to keep you posted:

    Arnie’s only appearing as the Governor of California. Cameo role. Damn shame.

    Kinglsey’s out, Eric Roberts replaces him.

    Needs Julie Benz and JCVD.


  3. To think this could be destroyed with one mis-casting. John Cena?

  4. Nah man – there is no casting that could destroy this. This may even be George Lucas proof!

  5. But this is only a remake of The Wild Geese.

  6. Were Sly, Dolph and Trejo in The Wild Geese? No? Then GTFO.

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