Too Soon To Recall

Total Recall. We all loved it, and I, for one, feel better that I have it sitting in my collection. How we loved Verhoeven’s displays of bulging faces when in contact with Mars’ uninhabitable atmosphere, Arnie shouting “EEEEYOWARR” in a chair, Michael Ironside losing his arms after forgetting how to travel in elevators, and as above, alien women with three titties.

Ha.Ha.Ha. You dink dis is dur REEL Quaid? Id isBRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA. Legendary.

The film’s still fresh in our minds and our hearts, especially as it’s on at least one channel a week. So, we ask the question:


Someone seems to think it’s a genius of an idea, such as producer Neil H Moritz, head of a company called Original Films. Yeah, I’m rolling around with the irony too. He’s pitched for the remake platter, claiming that a more faithful interpretation of Philip K Dick’s short story on which it is based upon, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale would benefit with today’s film making technologies.

I think it’s way too soon to even begin about contemplating this. The film’s great as it is, in all of it’s sci fi cheesiness. We’ve grown accustomed to all of it’s typical Arnie one liners, gratuitious Paul Verhoeven bloodshed and still some great special effects. How exactly can you improve a woman with three beubs anyway? And besides, there’s plenty of other sci fi writers out there other than Phillip K Dicks, you know…

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  1. Twoooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkssss

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