Faith in Wonder Woman

This is some cool news for Dushku fans! Following the prolonged rumours about Joss Whedon’s on/ off love affair with a feature length Wonder Woman movie, have announced that Lynda Carter (the goddess who played the titulat (fnaar) character in the 70s tv show) has declared her blessing for the Buffy actress. Just more rumours at the moment of course but any excuse to post a picture of Wonder Woman and BLAMMO is here to appease those masses, driven mad through the denial of such photographs on lesser film blogs. Yeah.

“Lynda Carter has officially passed the Wonder Woman baton to actress Eliza Dushku, insisting she’d make a great comic book heroine.

Carter, who played the iconic character on TV in the 1970s, insists the world needs a new Wonder Woman – and if reports suggesting director Joss Whedon is set to launch a new franchise with Dushku are correct, the original star would be thrilled.

She tells WENN, “I’ve always liked Joss, and Eliza would make a great Wonder Woman.”

Carter has even offered her services to help groom the next Wonder Woman.

She adds, “People worry about, ‘I really helped with this movie and I didn’t get paid,’ which I could care less about. People don’t usually contact the original people to find things out because they’re afraid of being sued claiming it was their idea. I hope if they make the movie it makes a bajillion (millions) dollars, which means they’ll continue to make them.”

One Response to “Faith in Wonder Woman”

  1. I am a Dushku fan and by the look of it, my love for her is rather large. Ahem.

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