New Terminator: Salvation trailer

Okay I’m finding it harder and harder to not get excited about this movie. Like everybody else I was initially sickened then, when Bale came on board, confused and now… well it really does look like we may have the opportunity to eradicate the bad taste of Terminator 3 from our mouths at last! Yeah there are some real Michael Bay style shots going on in this trailer (look at the nasty overcranked camera pans and the obligatory burning tyres on road scenes) but all you bastards that went out and bought Transformers are directly to blame for the studios thinking that’s the kinda shit we want to see. So go punish yourselves as you feel fitting for the crime. Then come back and check this out…

One Response to “New Terminator: Salvation trailer”

  1. Fuck. Me. I honestly can’t believe how good that was. I’m now off for a long hard cyberwank.

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