Fantastic Again?

Only a mere dirty, disgusting rumour at this stage in our lives, but 20th Century Fox is planning on lining up a reboot of Fantastic Four to erase the sweaty mess of the previous two films that had been released. Nothing’s concrete as yet, and it may never, ever happen, but it’s got to raise a few eyebrows at least.

I personally thought that they weren’t the total abominations that people made it out to be, they managed to capture the team spirit of the books rather well, yet it wasn’t anywhere near as “fantastic” as it could have been. It came close with Rise Of The Silver Surfer, but wimped out with Galactus turning out to be just a cloudy entity, instead of the planet eating monolith with a massive purple helmet (innuendo inexcusable and inescapable) we all know and love. Of all of the Marvel character movies, this was sadly one of the weakest.

Maybe it’s too soon for a reboot, just as The Incredible Hulk was. Are studios and comic companies wanting all of their films to be the next Dark Knight now? This shouldn’t be the case with the FF. Their adventures are often thrown into the colourful cosmos or alternate realities, not just situated defeating the big bad in the middle of the city. That’s where it should be headed towards.

Fantasic Four is all about the fantastical. It’s playing with characters in unbelievable situations, meaning we would very much like to see Reed Richards build a gigantic construct that opens up an interdimensional gateway to the Negative Zone, stopping Annihilus, Blastaar and other cosmic entities from enslaving our planet. Here is also a note. If you intend on making the definitive movie version of Doctor Doom, don’t make him a pussy. This guy’s the ruler of Latveria, he has equal the intelligence of Reed and anyone who constantly refers to himself in the third person is instantly cool. There are unlimited possibilities with this team, you’d have to agree that someone out there is itching to see it done right. Find them. Now.

One Response to “Fantastic Again?”

  1. The Count Says:

    I was a big fan of the comics as a youngster and absolutely despised the feature film versions. Yeah I thought some of the casting was decent enough however both the direction and the actual story line was horrific. Utterly horrific. I suspect the studios will want to make it ‘dark’ but, as DVS suggested, FF was never about being dark and moody. However it did deal with adult themes (specifically relationships) and so could easy be sold to the non kiddie market as well as that of the larger, grown up markets.

    Doc Doom, my favourite baddie as a child, was an utterly wasted opportunity… and the least said about Galactus in the feature film sequel the better!

    Maybe as Devil’s advocate to the DVS’ awesome comic book wisdom but I for one would absolutely love an FF reboot. And I’d like one right now please.

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