Rourke Is Russian!

Kind of unofficial breaking news, but I’ve just discovered that although nothing is set in stone officially as yet, you can expect some kind of announcement that Mickey Rourke will indeed be a part of Iron Man II! Whatever pay disputes from previous discussions have seemingly been nipped in the bud, and Rourke is here to play the Crimson Dynamo. Seeing as he’s in Russia right now, promoting The Wrestler, I’d expect he’s doing a little research…

It would be interesting to see how this develops, with talks of the Black Widow (Dushku…please…) constantly being tossed (not by me, you filthy animals) around, and which actual version of the Dynamo that’s going to be used. There were twelve people in total who donned the suit, and if memory serves me correctly, “Petrovich” will be one of the most used names in the film. Apart from Stark, of course.

If I’m wrong, though, blame my source.

UPDATE: Following this revelation, another one surfaces straight after! Scarlett Johansson‘s The Black Widow! Not sure about this myself, I’m finding it hard to imagine her being an unrelenting, murdering operative, but we shall have to wait and see. There’s hopefully a black leather jumpsuit involved somewhere and that will make The Count a very, very happy man, whilst I need to go cry into last week’s episode of Dollhouse. I’m sorry, Eliza, so so sorry. Sad face.

One Response to “Rourke Is Russian!”

  1. The Count Says:

    Yeah that’s the best news ever. Even better then when i heard that our lord Jesus was once again walking the earth – woohoo!

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