Stallone gets Charisma

All this talk of the cast Sylvester Stallone’s putting together for his movie, The Expendables and I was wondering that not only is it sounding very much like the movie a man’s man would watch, but where the fucking hell are the women?

Fear not, the appreciative purveyors of the female form, for one can sit back in relief (maybe) and sigh for Charisma Carpenter (she of Buffy/Angel fame and probably some Veronica Mars) returns to a screen after the last time she was seen (by me) was in a Playboy shoot many years ago (fud-dud-dud-dud). In fact, it was always hard for me during Angel where I had to toss up between Cordelia and Amy Acker’s Fred…oh god…

In other Expendable news: Stone Cold Steve Austin’s signed on too, which I think is a genius masterstroke of a move! Now all we need is Vinnie Jones! But, I must remind you, Charisma Carpenter’s signed on…Charisma….Charisma….

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