The Final Fronier (well Poster anyway)

Here’s the official one piece to accompany the new movie. It’s cool enough but I think for a movie like Star Trek a little more colour wouldn’t go amiss. I’m not saying there’s anything very wrong with it but I don’t think it’ll change anybody’s mind about seeing the film (so I suppose rather a failure) – maybe if they’d added a green skinned alien hotty it may have helped…

What do you think?

5 Responses to “The Final Fronier (well Poster anyway)”

  1. Not another skateboarding film!

  2. The Count Says:

    No man – it’s a slow exposure fishing rod!

  3. New Ikea peppermill more like.

  4. Green skinned hotty like Diora Baird!

  5. The Count Says:

    Exactly the green skinned hottie I’m talking about Simon, exactly the same…

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