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You F*cked with the Wrong Mexican…

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Oh this is possibly the greatest news ever! Today it was officially announced that MACHETE is going into production. Not only that but it seems this will be a reoccurring character like that of ‘Charles Bronson in the Death Wish movies‘.

On a slightly less awesome note Rodriguez also wishes to get the Predator movies back onto the screens. Now I adore the first movie. It’s one of my favourite action flicks of all time. But after the horrible taste of Star Wars and Indiana Jones being dragged back and face raped in the process I’m more than a little concerned.

Latin Review reports:

Robert Rodriguez is ready to cut a wide swathe, and his plans include re-launching the “Predator” franchise for Fox and co-directing “Machete.”

For the later, the filmmaker will create a feature out of the blade- wielding antihero who appeared in a mock trailer that was part of “Grindhouse.”

Rodriguez is eyeing a June start date in Austin for “Machete,” a film that is financed and produced by Overnight Productions, with Danny Trejo starring as the title character.

Machete is a Mexican ex-Federale with a gift for wielding a blade, who hides out as a day laborer, who is double-crossed by a corrupt state senator.

Rodriguez wrote the script and will direct the film with Ethan Maniquis, his longtime editor. The film is being produced by Rodriguez, Rick Schwartz of Overnight Productions and Aaron Kaufman.

Not immediately clear is whether Rodriguez and Overnight will find a way to use the irresistible marketing slogan that appeared in the “Grindhouse” trailer: “This time, they fucked with the wrong Mexican.” It is the first non-studio movie that Rodriguez has directed since “El Mariachi.”

For Fox, Rodriguez has scripted “Predators,” a film that will bring back the dreadlock-sporting alien hunter who originated in the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger hit “Predator.” While a sequel didn’t become a hit, Fox kept the alien sharp by launching the “Alien Vs. Predator,” a wildly profitable series that has racked up strong grosses and DVD sales, wit little or no gross out the door.

While Rodriguez juggles these projects, he’s also directing his script “Nerveracker” for Dimension Films, with Bob Weinstein setting a 2010 release for the futuristic action thriller.

Campaign: Scully To Remove Foul Taste of EmoWho

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So, that crazy Doctor Who, eh? Regenerating every now and then, changing appearance to prolong his life. Or in business terms, “We’ve chosen an actor that really isn’t going to sit well with you at all. Break the internet!” The actor in question is the man stepping into David Tennant’s slippers and his name is Matt Smith. Yet this is old news, we’re familiar with his emo looks by now and we still hate it. So why’s Gillian Anderson up there? Not only does Blammo intend to propose to her (for a spot of coffee, stupid), but she’s rumoured to appear in Smith’s first season, thanks to the words of The Telegraph.

Anderson has been linked to play The Rani, a “Time Lady” who is an enemy to both The Doctor and The Master. She is essentially, an evil scientist, concentrating on experiments and research instead of focusing on masterplans to thwart her arch nemesises. In the original Who, The Rani was played by 357 year old actress, Kate O’Mara, and if anything needs to change with this proposed update, it’s the camp attitude that she had. Cue Gillian. I believe she could make a lasting impression to the franchise, because:

A) She’s rather hawt.
B) She hasn’t been on a true nerd show for ages.
C) The age gap between us is really small.

This would then lead to a Rani/Master confrontation that has to be so much better than this. Oh god, Colin Baker…

R.I.P. Cardiff

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Jack Cardiff, the world’s greatest ever cinematographer died today at age 94.

Here’s a selection of the seventy three movies he shot over his extremely successful career:

Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

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Back in October last year millions of people flocked to their cinemas to see a love story between a vampire and a teenager that went on, despite terrible reviews, to be one of the most successful films of the year. Let the Right One In was not that film.

LtROI (or ‘Lat den Ratte Komma In‘ for those with a better grasp on Swedish than I) is a foreign language film telling the story of a shy outcast School boy and what seems to be a mysterious girl that has moved in next door. Shot in stunning widescreen, snowy, night time it is a consistently slow but moving movie about loneliness, friendship and addiction and though shadowed by Hollywood’s monster hit, Twilight, pisses all over it from a great height.

The direction of Tomas Alfredson is simply magnificent and his two young actors’ performances are assured and subtle. The story is interestingly told from the young boy, Oskar’s, point of view and because of this the world is seen as a very black and white place. Bullies are evil. Eli’s victims are fools and losers. Oskar’s Mother is a baddie whilst his Father is a goodie. Then, when it seems the reason for his parent’s estrangement is due to a suggested homosexual reason on the father’s part, their roles reverse. All this leads to the dream like feeling of a fairy tale (complete with the magical falling snow) chronicling Oskar’s metamorphosis from scared child to self confident young man.

The story of Eli, the strange girl that lives next door, is also told in a wonderfully enigmatic way. Many questions about her and the people she comes into contact with are kept as secrets. If Oskar wouldn’t have known then we as an audience won’t know either.

Finally the technical details too are well worth mentioning: The cinematography is breath taking (I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to have caught one of the limited cinema screenings in the UK) and both the use of special fx and music are bordering on perfect.

Quite simply this is the a film that happily sits up there with Pan’s Labyrinth s an adult’s fairy tale and once again shows mainstream Hollywood how well a simple story can be told. Watch this film before the Michael Bay produced remake (the rights have already been bought) adds a sexual element, a few explosions and a chase scene featuring a six wheeler lorry jack knifing.

5 ‘would you still like me if you learnt I wasn’t a little girl’ out of 5

Husband to a murdered ummm… Maid?

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USA Today just posted this pic of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood in the new Ridley Scott adaptation. Now I absolutely love the Robin Hood stories and pretty much remember the Errol Flynn Adventures of Robin Hood as one of the non science fiction films that blew my mind as a child (though I believe the Robin of Sherwood television series to be the definitive tale of the legend).

However I’m really rather lost to what this version of the story is going to be like. First I heard Crowe was playing the Sherriff (back when it was called Nottingham) and told his side of the tale (a good man doing a rough job in troubled times) as he and (a rumoured) Christian Bale battle for the love of Maid Marion. Then we were told that that this story is about how the Sheriff makes up the character of Robin Hood as a criminal to unite the people and then has to make him real as the commoners choose to champion him (so Crowe plays both parts). And finally we hear that, no, we’re just going to have the good ol, standard tale again.

Hopefully an early trailer won’t be far away to let us know where this is going.


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I’d heard of Doghouse through one piece of concept art, which I was under the impression was going to be a comic book series, yet here it is a few months on, trailer in the bag and practically ready for release!

Brought to you by Brit director, Jake West, who brought us Evil Aliens (in my eyes, a very under rated movie!), this has a good ensemble of cast members including Danny Dyer and Noel Clarke, who haven’t done pretty badly in their careers. It also has Emily Booth, but I’ve been told to harbour those thoughts for a private time in a bathroom, lit only by candlelight and Albatross by Fleetwood Mac playing in the background.

The story is about six men who go on a little excursion from every day lives to help their friend who’s emotionally stressed from his recent divorce. They hit the country and stumble upon a village where all the local women have been infected with a Ladies Only Virus that warp them into savage bloodthirsty predators. Predators that only attack men. Hoooo boy! Let’s have a trailer!

More information can be found on the official Doghouse site.

A Nightmare sees a pretty butterfly

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I’ve been turning my nose up at the proposed “re-imagining” of A Nightmare On Elm Street for a while now, thanks to my purist ways and my elitist gold card membership in the Church of Krueger. But this piece of news has actually promised a glint of hope with this new take, and now I can actually see this working.

Cast as Freddy Krueger is the man that put in a stellar performance as Rorschach in Watchmen, and his name is Jackie Earle Haley. Consider this probably the most perfect casting choice of anything in a long, long time. You need someone who can portray creepy and mysterious, yet relies on mindgames to lure his prey, and if all accounts of Little Children are to go by, he was meant to do that extremely well. If anyone’s seen that film, please feel free to tell me how awesome it is. His Rorschach portrayal is what made Watchmen for me, and that’s enough to say the blade glove is worthy to be handled by Haley. How many wagers shall we make for an Englund cameo though?

On the subject of Freddy, check out this recent fan-made trailer that surfaced last week, showing how Krueger could look in these modern times.