A Nightmare sees a pretty butterfly

I’ve been turning my nose up at the proposed “re-imagining” of A Nightmare On Elm Street for a while now, thanks to my purist ways and my elitist gold card membership in the Church of Krueger. But this piece of news has actually promised a glint of hope with this new take, and now I can actually see this working.

Cast as Freddy Krueger is the man that put in a stellar performance as Rorschach in Watchmen, and his name is Jackie Earle Haley. Consider this probably the most perfect casting choice of anything in a long, long time. You need someone who can portray creepy and mysterious, yet relies on mindgames to lure his prey, and if all accounts of Little Children are to go by, he was meant to do that extremely well. If anyone’s seen that film, please feel free to tell me how awesome it is. His Rorschach portrayal is what made Watchmen for me, and that’s enough to say the blade glove is worthy to be handled by Haley. How many wagers shall we make for an Englund cameo though?

On the subject of Freddy, check out this recent fan-made trailer that surfaced last week, showing how Krueger could look in these modern times.

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