Husband to a murdered ummm… Maid?

USA Today just posted this pic of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood in the new Ridley Scott adaptation. Now I absolutely love the Robin Hood stories and pretty much remember the Errol Flynn Adventures of Robin Hood as one of the non science fiction films that blew my mind as a child (though I believe the Robin of Sherwood television series to be the definitive tale of the legend).

However I’m really rather lost to what this version of the story is going to be like. First I heard Crowe was playing the Sherriff (back when it was called Nottingham) and told his side of the tale (a good man doing a rough job in troubled times) as he and (a rumoured) Christian Bale battle for the love of Maid Marion. Then we were told that that this story is about how the Sheriff makes up the character of Robin Hood as a criminal to unite the people and then has to make him real as the commoners choose to champion him (so Crowe plays both parts). And finally we hear that, no, we’re just going to have the good ol, standard tale again.

Hopefully an early trailer won’t be far away to let us know where this is going.

One Response to “Husband to a murdered ummm… Maid?”

  1. I’m scared

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