Campaign: Scully To Remove Foul Taste of EmoWho

So, that crazy Doctor Who, eh? Regenerating every now and then, changing appearance to prolong his life. Or in business terms, “We’ve chosen an actor that really isn’t going to sit well with you at all. Break the internet!” The actor in question is the man stepping into David Tennant’s slippers and his name is Matt Smith. Yet this is old news, we’re familiar with his emo looks by now and we still hate it. So why’s Gillian Anderson up there? Not only does Blammo intend to propose to her (for a spot of coffee, stupid), but she’s rumoured to appear in Smith’s first season, thanks to the words of The Telegraph.

Anderson has been linked to play The Rani, a “Time Lady” who is an enemy to both The Doctor and The Master. She is essentially, an evil scientist, concentrating on experiments and research instead of focusing on masterplans to thwart her arch nemesises. In the original Who, The Rani was played by 357 year old actress, Kate O’Mara, and if anything needs to change with this proposed update, it’s the camp attitude that she had. Cue Gillian. I believe she could make a lasting impression to the franchise, because:

A) She’s rather hawt.
B) She hasn’t been on a true nerd show for ages.
C) The age gap between us is really small.

This would then lead to a Rani/Master confrontation that has to be so much better than this. Oh god, Colin Baker…

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