Alien Nation?

That’s the impression you get when you watch the latest teaser trailer to be released for District 9, produced by Peter Jackson, and directed by the talent he has blurbed on about for years, Neill Blomkamp. Neill hasn’t actually done anything for the big screen yet, but Jackson had him attached to the Halo movie for aeons, and look where that ended up. HELL, I TELL THEE.

District 9 then. There’s been a lot of interest in this, despite having little information released, bar a few viral images spray painted on walls and signs at comic-cons pointing to either “human” or “non-human”. Until recently, where the first teaser arrived for everyone to see, and the world stopped for a second to go “AHA! AWESOME! I WAS RIGHT! TO THE INTERNETS!“. Pretty much what I’ve just done here and now. You can do the same in two minutes, after you’ve watched the very same teaser. Then you can head over to NBoN, to see Blomkamp’s original short for this, Alive In Joburg.

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