Don’t know how much truth there is in this one but I received an email an hour ago stating that our all time favourite girl of the moment (oh what a wonderful sentence of contradictions), DIORA BAIRD, is in talks to feature in a new science fiction movie called The White Room (directed by Alun D Pughe and photographed by ex Vogue magazine snapper, Simon Miller).

Much more on this as it comes (and of course more excuses for photographs).

5 Responses to “Rumourville!”

  1. The DvS Says:

    I am also in talks to feature in Diora Baird.


  2. Oh snap I’m doing the catering on that movie!

  3. The Count Says:

    Roast pork and Pinot Noir all round!

  4. Piano Kitty Says:

    I’ll bring a bottle…

  5. […] (note to self – think sentences through before you start them) and back her and any *ahem* future projects she may be doing.  So I’m afraid we have little choice but to show you this latest […]

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