Klaatu barada nikto? The Day the Earth Stood Still Review

I’d heard mixed reviews of this modern remake on a 1951 classic. Empire magazine gave it a 3 ‘surprisingly decent’ out of 5 mark and many described it as ‘not THAT bad’. Well dear readers I offer you this – The Day the Earth Stood Still is dreadful.

Many times throughout this dreary attempt at a catastrophic disaster movie I reached for the STOP button on the DVD player but willed myself on, each time to become more and more disappointed with myself.

The story is very simple. Keanu Reeves is an alien who comes to Earth to destroy mankind (and save the planet). Jennifer Connolly is a scientist that changes his mind by showing how mankind are actually good *pukes*

Whilst the original movie was a clever B Movie with a decent message within, this remake just wants desperately to be Independence Day (and why anybody would want that is beyond me little brain). It fails on every level really and any time you think the story is picking up Jaden Smith turns up to make you throw things at the screen.

The real shame comes from wasted oiportunity. The cast is fine (even Keanu seems to play the role of the alien Klatuu well in his own unique way) but they’re given so very little to do. Poor little Jaden Smith just whines throughout; Connolly (always worth watching) isn’t; and John Clease is in a blink and you’ll miss him role.

There is no real feel oftension as you simply don’t care for any of the characters and the end doesn’t really make much sense **SPOLIER** because Klaatu sacrifices himself to save the gun totting mad humans that have been trying to blow up his space ship for the last hour simply because Jennifer Connolly and Jaden Smith ummm… actually I’ve no idea why **END SPOILER**

Quite simply this is a very weak special effects blockbuster with Roland Emmerich aspirations. If this isn’t reason enough to not watch it then how about this? The 1951 version is infinitly better in every department (including special effects).

2 ‘Wait for it to come on TV on a very rainy day’ out of 5

Interesting Nerd Note: Spell check has no problem with ‘Klaatu barada Niktu’..!

2 Responses to “Klaatu barada nikto? The Day the Earth Stood Still Review”

  1. The DvS Says:

    Blu ray can save this, right? Right?

  2. The Count Says:


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