My Name Is Thor

Well, over the weekend (and annoyingly during Eurovision I might add!), the man who landed the job as Marvel‘s God of Thunder in Branagh’s upcoming interpretation is none other than Chris Hemsworth!


Having not seen Star Trek yet, this guy apparently played Kirk’s father in the opening scene, which must mean by first impressions that teenage pregnancies are running riot in the future. He was also in Australian daytime tv cackpot eyecandy soap, Home & Away. Eek. Let’s not knock that hard Aussie soap past though, it worked for Heath Ledger, Guy Pearce, Isla Fisher and errr…Craig McLachlan (Hey Mona is the greatest song of all time)! Whatever happened to those Neighbours twins anyway, they gave me filthy thoughts after school.

Anyway, if anyone knows what they’re doing, it’s Branagh and Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada often comments on his meetings with Branagh as nothing short of spectacular and that “he genuinely gets it” via his Twitter. He said that about Jon Favreau too, and that Iron Man fella didn’t do too badly.

Enclosing: Verily doth.

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