Conan The Unwanted

Conan the Barbarian

News just in:  The horrible idea of remaking the Conan the Barbarian has had a little update – good news and not so good news.

The good news is actually wonderful – Brett Ratner ISN’T directing this ‘reimagining’ (didn’t that used to be what we called a ‘remake’?).  The not so good news, alas, is the movie is still going ahead.  The announced ‘not Ratner’ director is, I’m afraid, not a lot better.

MARCUS NISPEL (director of remakes such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, starring a certain Diora Baird, and Friday the 13th) has been confirmed as the man behind the megaphone and, liek Ratner, is really a music video director and not a feature film maker at all.  This worries me but atleast he has more than one name (McG I’m looking at you).

Now if this film HAS to be made then I vote, again, for Roland Kickinger in the titular role…

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