News Round Up!

Okay I’ve been busy doing all kind of silly things like working and getting married so BLAMMO has taken a bit of a hit of late so here’s a quick news round up:

Shutter Island:
The new Martin Scorsesee and Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration gets it’s first trailer here (LINK) and looks deliciously like a by numbers mystery thriller. In any other director’s hands this may sound dull as dish water but as anybody who knows anything about movies understands Scorsesee is a film making titan meaning this almost guarantees this will be Hitchcock style goodness.

Star Trek 11:
Didn’t get a chance to review this for you before but JJ Abrahms’ Star Trek was really good fun. The cast were superb (Pine’s Kirk was an especially pleasing surprise whilst both making teh character his own yet retaining teh essence of Shatner’s original) and the oh so very pretty ‘add lens flare to every single shot’ direction by Abrahms himself was both exciting and intelligent. Yeah it had some slow sections that didn’t quite sit perfectly (and though I love him to death felt Pegg’s Scotty seemed slightly disconnected with the rest of the universe) but it was both a brilliant action movie and, more surprisingly, an excellent Star Trek movie. 4 ‘I am and always will be your friend’s out of 5

Remaking/ prequaling Alien:
Ah yes. What a shit idea. Not content with the turd that is Alien Resurrection (or the unmentionable AVP movies) Hollywood have discovered yet another way of flogging a dead horse. Ah well it worked for Terminator Salvation I suppose and I am intrigued to see how they heavy handedly chuck in the giant pilot seen in the original Alien.

The White Room:
Diora Baird’s science fiction horror goes into production. Yeah maybe not as big news as Alien but it means we get to put Ms Baird’s piccie up again so screw you all.

Mission Impossible IV:
JJ Abrahms (again) fancies another attempt at the M.I. series which, if the last one was anything to go by, is no real bad thing. Best end with a better final act this time and choose to release it at a time when the Cruisemeister isn’t America’s Most hated Actor (AMHA).

James Cameron’s much hyped new 3d movie is released soon and… *yawn, snore*

Okay normal service shall resume from this point onwards.

4 Responses to “News Round Up!”

  1. The DvS Says:

    Wow. I'd give my left nut to stalk her with a Flip mino.

  2. countdeceredigion Says:

    Top talking about my wife dammit.

  3. countdeceredigion Says:

    Yes top. Dammit.

  4. Your relationship is purely business. And you’re illiterate. You lose, good day sir.

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