Accented Robots

Can anyone shed some light here, as to why those crazy Cybertronians, the Transformers studied the English dialect on the world wide web and found it necessary to pick the most cringeworthy accents, cliched voices and ludicrous sayings we have? If you remember the first film featured a breakdancing robot, asking Shia LeBeef and Megan Foxylady “what’s crackin’ li’l bitches?” before realising “this looks like a cool place to kick it“. It also featured the courageous Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, stepping on a plant pot with the exclamation of “Ooops. My bad“. Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s first Hannahmontanabot.

Now for Revenge Of The Fallen, this disgusting trend continues, with some comedic light relief in the form of Decepticon…spying…thing…(what are you?) Wheelie. Wheelie has the most popular of accents on show here. Deepest New York. Not convinced? Let this Japanese tv spot tell you everything.


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