Oh my god, they killed Akira! You bast….wait, well done!

Thank the erupted heavens (or a simple “fuck”) that someone in the industry has finally seen sense to totally abandon the idea of adapting legendary anime, Akira into a live action feature. Not only would it have been totally impossible, it would have also been

  • A) Shit
  • B) Wank
  • C) The reason there’d be a pandemic of onion sized pustials on the genitals of those involved with the production.

It seems to make this semi-faithful, it’d be filmed in two parts. Neo-Tokyo would have been renamed “New Manhattan“, and the obnoxious notion of Leonardo DiCaprio would be assuming the role of Kaneda, because he fits the part of a teenage Japanese cyber-biker very well. Yes, I see it’s stuck to it’s source entirely. If it was still going ahead, do you think anyone would be able to bore the shit out of you explain it to you in great depth like James Cameron did about Avatar at E3? No, of course not, that costs money, and all the money would have gone to replicate just one of Neo Tokyo’s gargantuan city blocks.

Let’s hope this is a pre-cursor of things to come, because we really need ORIGINAL MATERIAL for our eyes.

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