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Alice in Wonderland: Trailer

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Alice in Wonderland

After all the nasty things I said about this latest movie of Tim Burton‘s (mostly that the idea somehow bored me) I’m actually rather impressed actually!  I know I went on about how it seemed too obvious to have Burton make a weird movie about a weird story and how it was also too obvious to have Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter in key roles.. but clearly I seem to have been hasty.

Very colourful and bizzarre it looks like a really great children’s treat and with the addition of 3D I think this will be a cinema must.


Ninja Assassin

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Pirates = cool.  Ninja = cooler.

As a child I thought ninja were the most amazing mystery of all.  You could keep your yetis, bigfeet and saquatches – to me it was ‘who were these enigmatic, sword wielding martial artists that I caught glimpses of in the pre feature trailers of vhs movies and on the video boxes in the dusty rental store’?  Sakura Killers, American Ninja, American Ninja 2, American Ninja 3… etc

Where was I going with this?  Actually I have no idea.  I think I was saying I liked ninja.  And pirates.  Something about a new movie?  Yeah that’s about right.  Someone remind me to re-write this whole article tomorrow…

Link to trailer

World of Warcraft: The Movie

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Ok this just in.  Variety magazine have just announced that Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead series, Spiderman) and Dark Knight producer Charles Roven have sold out to almost the ‘By Grabthar’s hammer – what a saving’ level.  Yup – they’re making a movie based on the game equivelent of crack cocaine.  Probbaly a really good idea financially of course if it’s marketed properly (and by that i mean to the enormous hordes of gamers) but, at the risk of sounding pessimistic, there’s close to zero chance this will be any good.  Unless somehow Rutger Hauer is in it.  And some really attractive girls with elf ears.

Dammit okay this sounds awesome – all hail to WoW!

This Prince looks Persian

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If you hadn’t known Prince Of Persia was a video game, then someone’s clever idea of removing all trace of making the audience aware this is based on a video game via the first set of posters is working. Coming from Disney as well, this is a complete surprise at how simple and modern they look. I still think Gylenhaal looks silly, and am even more amazed his name didn’t require a spellchecker. Gemma Arterton is beautiful, and never looks silly. Ever. Yes, even in St Trinians. Oh god.




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At first glance, a film based on the life of Britain’s most notorious and violent prisoner doesn’t sound that interesting. A man who bungled a post office robbery and got sentenced to seven years, which then escalated into a further twenty seven years thanks to all manners of violent behaviour towards the screws, inmates and tealadies across nearly every single renowned British prison after extensive transfers may make you turn the other direction, especially if you know that Bronson has spent thirty of these years in solitary confinement. I wouldn’t blame you for feeling you could get bored very easily.

But perhaps then, you should be told that a) this really isn’t what you would expect and b) the lead role is fantastically well played. Brought to us by Dutch director, Nicolas Winding Refn, and starring Tom Hardy, this is a film that is more about the man himself rather than what he did. If anything, and it even says so on the cover of the dvd/blu ray, that,  it’s “A Clockwork Orange for the 21st Century“. A brave statement to sell your movie, but it’s really not far off.

What you’ll notice is that Refn’s vision is very much in the style of Kubrick here. The use of strong colours, the wide sets, surreal actions topped with classical music throughout, textbook pieces that made Clockwork what it was. Mimicry or homage? You shouldn’t think about that, your focus should be on Tom Hardy, delivering a performance that should see him land a few more gigs that don’t just pay for a loaf of bread. Bronson was insane, resembled a circus strongman, had the verocity of a pitbull yet was a distinguished gentleman and considered himself an artist, all of which Hardy’s captured effortlessly. He gives us a narrative throughout, with surreal breaks of Bronson as a host, giving his story to an audience in a theatre, and also breaking down that fourth wall. He tells us his life as Michael Petersen, before it was decided with his fighting agent that he should change his name to reflect his hard man mentality, thus Charles Bronson was born.

It’s violent, yes, that’s expected but it’s also very comical (I found whilst watching it that he seems to resemble my future father in law. I should be worried by this shouldn’t I?), Bronson socialising with others outside of prison is a sight to see, and by rights, I should never laugh at a disco at a mental institute again. Again, the host scenes carry a comical nature with it, as it’s funny to see a man as big as this almost fall into a pantomime territory.

Maybe not a keeper at any means, but Bronson is definitely worth a watch, if you like your Kubrick, or even Greenaway films, or you fancy a bit of the ole’ ultraviolence. You can do a lot worse.

Bronson gets 4 Punishing Blows To The Left Of Your Temple Out Of 5.

A Peek at The Black Widow

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Entertainment Weekly has a cover spread and feature on Jon Favreaus’s new movie  Iron Man 2 and blah blah blah… Look – Scarlett Johanson in leather!!!

What do we thing?  Da or niet?

Treevenge is VERY NSFW

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I’m serious, this short film, directed by Jason Eisner (the man responsible for the fantastically named Hobo With A Shotgun trailer for Grindhouse) is about the day Christmas trees fight back against humanity for generations of murder and abuse to pinekind. I can’t stress enough how NSFW this is, and definitely not one for those who are easily offended by some of the material, violence and gore on display. That a big enough WARNING for the prudes? Good. Enjoy!

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