“My own brother, a god damned blood-sucking Vampire. You wait ’til Mom finds out!”

Traditionally it seems there are four genres of horror movie:  The ghost story, the psycho killer story, the zombie story or the vampire story.

Each of these have been played to death, revitalised temporarily by looking further from home for ideas (look at how the Japanese brought ghosts back to being scary again in the last ten years or how Playstation’s Resident Evil spawned a new generation of zombie fans before killing the genre off again with the film versions of their actual video games).

Now it seems the vampire genre is flavoursome again with Twilight seemingly attracting pre-pubescent girls and female office workers alike to the idea that murderous animals with clean shaved chests and cold eyes are sexy and can be saved by their feminine ways.  Never slow off of the line, the horror industry have vampire love stories seeping out of every fang shaped bite mark so, though maybe not exactly refreshing, DAYBREAKERS looks like it may make an interesting change to the evil but actually nice if they meet the right girl vamps of late.  Then again maybe not.

Starring the always awesome Sam Neil (The Dish, Event Horizon) and the usually pretty good Ethan Hawk (Reality Bites, Gattaca) DAYBREAKERS is out in January.


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