The Best Movie about Aliens and Robots out this year?!!

Okay yeah you’ve all heard us rant about how wonderful Neill Blomkamp is and how we loved Alive in Joburg and how we thought the idea of him directing a movie based on the Halo computer game would be awesome.  Yes you’ve also heard us discuss DISTRICT 9 and how we believe it will be THE MOVIE on this year.  But listen – I have more to say on the matter!

District 9 looks like it’ll be a science fiction  movie with a brain and special effects used in a new and exciting way.  Forget racist robots or Helena Bonham Carter as the face of SkyNet for a moment and think about a time when science fiction meant the film you were about to see would offer you the option of thinking about the world slightly differently.  Think Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odysseyor the The Andromeda Strain.

Most of all I bring this up again because now I want everybody to go and see this movie so the studios can realise that it isn’t Michael Bay that makes us fools flock to see his terrible movies about alien robots but the genre itself.  Fuck Michael Bay – go see District 9.

District 9 is out in August 14th.

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One Response to “The Best Movie about Aliens and Robots out this year?!!”

  1. The DvS Says:

    Between D9 and Moon, the upper echelon of nerd culture rejoices this year!

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