World of Warcraft: The Movie

Ok this just in.  Variety magazine have just announced that Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead series, Spiderman) and Dark Knight producer Charles Roven have sold out to almost the ‘By Grabthar’s hammer – what a saving’ level.  Yup – they’re making a movie based on the game equivelent of crack cocaine.  Probbaly a really good idea financially of course if it’s marketed properly (and by that i mean to the enormous hordes of gamers) but, at the risk of sounding pessimistic, there’s close to zero chance this will be any good.  Unless somehow Rutger Hauer is in it.  And some really attractive girls with elf ears.

Dammit okay this sounds awesome – all hail to WoW!

5 Responses to “World of Warcraft: The Movie”

  1. You just KNOW the marketing’s going to be at least 85% scantily clad elf chicks. Have you seen Olivia Munn as Zelda? Start there then add elf ears to any woman you meet from now on.

  2. […] ever get made?  I hope so, there’s a lack of fantasy yarns on screen these days, and despite World Of Warcraft being Raimi helmed, you ain’t going to get much else other than a Sci Fi original movie.  If […]

  3. Personally, I think they should animate it like most of the game trailers simply because casting this live-action will be epic fail not matter how it is spun or who they get (bigs names will only distract!)….and speaking of the cast, who do we see Bruce-y boying cameoing as?

  4. A wise ass wizard, unless the prosthetics are good, he’s got an Orc chin. But I’d say a wise ass wizard.


    A wise ass Innkeeper. Some abusive lines about “hearthing” are in order.

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