Ninja Assassin

Pirates = cool.  Ninja = cooler.

As a child I thought ninja were the most amazing mystery of all.  You could keep your yetis, bigfeet and saquatches – to me it was ‘who were these enigmatic, sword wielding martial artists that I caught glimpses of in the pre feature trailers of vhs movies and on the video boxes in the dusty rental store’?  Sakura Killers, American Ninja, American Ninja 2, American Ninja 3… etc

Where was I going with this?  Actually I have no idea.  I think I was saying I liked ninja.  And pirates.  Something about a new movie?  Yeah that’s about right.  Someone remind me to re-write this whole article tomorrow…

Link to trailer

2 Responses to “Ninja Assassin”

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  2. […] we meet again, Ninja Assassin. We spoke of you here and very briefly here. I, for one, didn’t really give a shit about your existence, and now […]

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