Iron Man, I think I see you

If you’re a huge fan of undecipherable dialogue from blockbuster movie footage secretly filmed at comic conventions, then ignore all of my smartass comments immediately as Blammo has found the leaked Iron Man 2 footage from Comic Con. Seriously, ignore what I’m saying and skip to the video. I know you’re excited. Stop reading. Go straight to the video. I wouldn’t want you to read all this and discover it’s been pulled by the time you get to the video. So, hurry up and get to the video! Go on, you don’t want to miss out! Be ahead of your friends by saying you’ve seen Don Cheadle before anyone else on the internet. Hurry! Quick! Go! Scarlett’s in it! Hurry up!

Iron Man eats donuts with that little known actor from Deep Blue Sea, wearing an eyepatch for some stupid reason. Don Cheadle walks in, and it’s the biggest replacement mystery since Vivian Banks in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Mickey Rourke likes his gizmos and appears to be a good attraction for Christmas. Scarlett has red hair and punches people. I like this new attitude, she can go far. I can’t understand a word anyone is saying. Come to think of it, I can’t see anything either. Hey, it’s War Machine! Yeah. Pull it now and give us QUALITY.

UPDATE: You’re too late. Hahahahaha.

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