Today is like Christmas as far as trailers go.  Avatar just showed it’s beautiful fantasy head and now Benicio Del Toro is more hairy than he’s ever been in this trailer, for he is The Wolfman.

Without question, this has won me over instantly with it’s superb cast and amazing Hugo Weaving facial hair.  We need more monster movies in our lives, not stalkers and slashers, MONSTERS!!

Can you tell I’m just a little excited?

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more about “Beast!“, posted with vodpod

2 Responses to “Beast!!!”

  1. As someone who loves Lon Chanley Jnr The Wolfman I too am very excited about this film. The only two things that disturb me is the foolish choice of CGI over Rick Baker and the fact, that unlike the original, it is not set in Port Talbot.

  2. Hopkins, Weaving, & Del Toro? And I really have to wait til Feb. 12th?! WAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAA!!!

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