Small Screen Blammo!

TV adverts are funny things.  99% of them are utter shit and if I told you how much money go into these then you simply wouldn’t believe me.  On the other hand there are the 1% that are genuinely awesome.

Now I know BLAMMO is a movie site but you get a movie director and a movie star and put them into a couple of adverts this good then I think we can bend the rules.  Right?

Spike Jonze and Brad Pitt being Teh Awesome in their two adverts for Softbank: LINK

P.S. One of these days I’ll get the videos embedded.  Now won’t that be something?

One Response to “Small Screen Blammo!”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Unrelated to these adverts, I just added the website to my google news feed and it doesn’t say the name of the website, so somewhere in your setup you need to put your website name. that is all.

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