28 Bioshocks Later

Practically begging for a movie adaptation since it showed it’s beautiful, aquatic face onto the Xbox, Bioshock has been tossed and turned around development hell for a while now. Hopes were (maybe) raised when the tragically named Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of The Carribean) was appointed the man to helm such a project. His experience with water was vast, with oceans, pirates, and his own personal potty training being added to an illustrious CV. Bioshock was going to be EPIC. Then, he stepped down, as the studio, Universal wanted to film it abroad for a cheaper budget and causing all manner of conflicts with Verbinski’s aquarium fetishes. Or his schedule. Pick whatever takes your fancy.

Now, this morning, we learn that another crazily named gentleman, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is his replacement. Cool! What’s he done, guys?

28 Weeks Later.

Anything else?



In all fairness, 28WL was a darned good effort, and may I say, overshadowed it’s predecessor. We’ll be interested to see how “epic” this remains. On a side note, I haven’t finished the game, so if I watch this movie, will I have to stop at a certain place in case of spoilers?

4 Responses to “28 Bioshocks Later”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    28 days later was filmed poorly on a handycam, Bioshock is a huge epic underwater affair that demands prettyness goddamnit. Like Rapture lets hope this project is dropped miles underwater never to be found again.

  2. GW Paperstacks Says:

    oh 28 weeks later, that was just shit.

  3. Dammit utterly wrong director. Verbrinski was a good choice as his US remake of The Ring was a beautifully shot movie which actually *cue fanboys with pitchforks* improved on the Japanese original (though i still feel the decision to remove the male lead’s awesomness and make him a typical Joe was poor).

    Ah well at least it wasn’t Dr Boll…

  4. Captain Hurf Says:

    A quick word of advice: watch out for golf clubs.

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