Fox Woman rumous

Yeah well I couldn’t be bothered to think of a better pun as this is clearly untrue but anyways:

Megan Fox has signed up to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie. (The

Okay here we go again.

1)  No way would Chris Nolan cast someone with this calibre of (non) acting skills and

2) They haven’t even written the script yet so why would they start casting?

Then again, as mentioned on, The Sun were the people that officially announced Eddie Murphy as The Riddler a few months ago so take what you like from this – for us it means we get to put up a pic for the Megan Fox fans out there who, I am certain, there are countless.

Regardless whether this is true or not (it isn’t) this will be rather bad news for Miley Cyrus who apparently was extremely keen to get this part.  Insert achey breaky heart pun here.

Thanks to GW Paperstacks for the story.

11 Responses to “Fox Woman rumous”

  1. “The DvS is Thor”- Blammo.

  2. “The DVS is a bore.”

    Fixed 4 U. LOLZ.

  3. Cunty Ceredickion Says:
    August 26, 2009 at 6.39 pm e

    “The DvS changed my name for uber LOLz. I am on internetz and am celebritee. Joygasm!”

  4. GW Paperstacks Says:

    eew don’t thank me for the story, I don’t want to be associated.

  5. Unlucky – forever you will be famed for this.

  6. The only way this story could even be possibly true is if Brett Rattner ends up directing the third movie. With Vinnie Jones as Bane…

  7. “Don’t you know who I am? I’m The Bane, bitch!”

    If that ever happened, I will atomize the earth.

  8. Oh I’m sold! Also let’s have Batman in a fish out of water type scenario!

    He’s on a case from Gotham and relocated to LA and has to hang out with street wise cop Christ Tucker to take down some unimportant to the story villains.

    Oh the hilarity will be endless!

  9. Christ Tucker? He was good in The Fifth Element and MUSHU is an online gaming funtime giggle, but really, you’re praising him a little bit too much there.

    This is why Superman works alone.

  10. Yes Christ Tucker – the saviour of racial stereotype comedies!

  11. Good Friday starring Ice Cube and Christ Tucker.


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