The Dark iMAX

Slow news day so here’s a quick one:  There’s a rumour that Chris Nolan is considering shooting Batman Begins 3 in 100% iMax.  Now for you poor souls that haven’t eveer witnessed a film in iMax then it’s simply a movie (or usually just certain scenes from said movie) where the picture is taller than it is wide projected on a special screen about the size of God’s penis.  I had the fortune of catching The Dark Knight in London’s iMax last December and can’t stress enough how amazing the experience was… but I do have my concerns.

This looks amazing on a screen that’s the height of a building… but when it hits the small screens then we’re looking at a return to the 4:3 ratio or having some serious cropping done to fit our wide screen TV sets – neither which sounds acceptable really.

The next thing (that came from a discussion I had earlier) is that this may be nothing more that Nolan just testing the water with Warner Brothers.  “Yeah I’ll only do the next movie if we can do it all with stupidly expensive cameras where the results can only be seen in a handfull of cinemas” kind of thing.

More on this when it comes…

Thanks to G for the story.

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