Going Underground…

Neil Marshall‘s original is, in my opinion, the scariest film since The Shining.  The idea of girls going potholing to me is terrifying in it self and if there were absolutely no (wo)man eating monsters hunting within the darkness I’d still find it unbearably horrible.  How people can go playing underground where they don’t have room to move their arms or turn around seems ludicrous to me… but i digress!

The original Descent, combined with it’s double meaning title and awesome ending (bizarrely cut for the American audience) has been given a sequel and judging from this trailer looks to be everything we expected it to be.  No longer about a woman on the virge of a mental breakdown following the death of her family it seems to follow the traditional monster/ slasher model of lots of screaming and shots of scary monsters.  Yawn.

Of course this may be a complete misunderstanding on my part but I really can’t stress enough how The Descent didn’t need a sequel and I only really post this up to encourage those that have yet to see it to go out and watch the original.

One Response to “Going Underground…”

  1. Wait…ending cut? WHAT THE HELL DID I MISS?

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