Oh dear God…

Well we here at BLAMMO love Diora Baird.  We championed her from back before we actually existed (note to self – think sentences through before you start them) and back her and any *ahem* future projects she may or may not be doing.

So I’m afraid we have little choice but to show you this latest ‘film’ by one of the producers of Scary Movie and Soul Plane.  It tells the Life of Brian esq story of the prophesied return of a great champion and mistaken identity when the villains from famous horror flicks are lampooned as they chase about some guy that just happens to be called  Stan Helsing.  Yes that hilarious.  Yes I’m afraid so.

The fact they seem to be copying the ‘Date Movie’ style theme is rather disconcerting and probably speaks volumes about the quality of this affair.  Oh hold on I get it – his name SOUNDS like Van Helsing!  Oh LOLOLOLOLOL!

Sorry Diora – we really do love you though.

6 Responses to “Oh dear God…”

  1. The Scary Movie production team should be shot!!!!! Scary Movie was great and revolutionary, but NOTHING after it was good!!!!!! Why won’t the stop!!!!???

  2. Cos people keep paying to see them 😦

  3. Scary Movie was great as I fell in love with Anna Faris. It took The House Bunny for me to see her naked. Such a crime is love…

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