Rose isn’t so Red (Sonja)

A long time ago, namely last year, we’d mentioned on the network that at last year’s Comic Con, Rose McGowan was all geared up to be part of Robert Rodriguez’s spin on Red Sonja. There were even posters about it.  Big colourful marketing.   Kind of looked like this.

Lovely.   We thought so then, despite it being an absolutely oddball choice for a scarlet maned warrior goddess. Never mind, those big Brigitte Nielsen fans who had doubts may be slightly relieved to hear that McGowan spoke out on her Twitter page about the progress of Red Sonja.

Just this once i’ll address questions about Red Sonja & others i was meant to do in ‘08. Major personal &private reasons I pulled out. Starting 2 want to work again. Sometimes real life fucking sucks. That’s all. God bless us survivors.

Reckon that’s a resounding “I’m out“? Sounds like it to me.  Will it ever get made?  I hope so, there’s a lack of fantasy yarns on screen these days, and despite World Of Warcraft being Raimi helmed, you ain’t going to get much else other than a Sci Fi original movie.  If Red Sonja needs to go ahead then I have two choices to replace McGowan. One’s obvious, the other’s just been introduced.

Diora.  The internet’s girlfriend.  Biased opinion


Christina Hendricks.   She played Saffron in Joss Whedon’s Firefly, some character in a show called Mad Men which is meant to be very good and has the OTT cleavage that fantasy artists desire so much when drawing warrior maidens.  Of course, BLAMMO is more than willing to write a Red Sonja movie at anytime.  Don’t hesitate to call.

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