Look, more comic book movies!

Following yesterday’s huge news of Disney acquiring Marvel, the other companies that own part of Marvel’s franchises are now seriously looking into them and praying they don’t lose their commercial failures big breadwinners.

Naturally, the day after, Fox turns up and sasy “Yeah man, let’s reboot the Fantastic Four!”   Sure, go ahead, just ANNOUNCE you’re going to reboot it.  Don’t offer anything of a concrete plan or at least a blueprint of what you had in mind.  Don’t even reveal that you’re keeping the original cast.   Oh wait, you can reveal who’s attached to it. Akiva Goldsman.  Why does this instill panic?

Akiva was a producer on Hancock, I Am Legend and Mr & Mrs Smith. He’s also writes screenplays.  Notably the one’s he’s famous for have been Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Oh shit.

Way to go, Fox!  Can we safely say that you may have lost the Fantastic Four now?  I guess all you need to do to actually make something decent is work on that Frank Miller Daredevil idea and use Miller’s champion choice of Jason Statham as the blind lead.  OR you can show some Skrulls.  Everyone loves a shape shifter, and they’re pretty relevant lately.  I can think of a perfect casting choice for Sue Storm too, how about that Dior…(stop, now, it’s obsessional).

In a bit of good news though, and one character I’d forgotten about until recently was this.

Deadman.  I thought he was amazing as a kid.  Fond memories was a special two part series in The Brave & The Bold where he helped Batman solve a crime.  What’s Deadman’s schtick then?

Deadman is a circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand, who dresses up in a red suit and white makeup to perform under the stage name, Deadman. When Brand is murdered while performing his act, his spirit is held over by the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna, who endows Brand’s ghost with the ability to possess living bodies. Rama Kushna’s decree: for Brand to use his new powers to hunt down his murderer(s) and obtain justice.

So yeah, he aided Batman by possessing other bodies and communicating along the way.  Apart from the hilarious costume, it made for some very interesting stories.  The hero that no one knows.  So, I was delighted to find out that Guillermo Del Toro is overseeing this with Nikolaj Arcel directing.  A character like this needs a distinct look and feel to a live action movie, and I think this is pretty much perfect!

One Response to “Look, more comic book movies!”

  1. * The Count hums to himself as he photshops a Fantastic Four shirt onto Diora… *

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