Hairy TV

I’d watch Hairy TV all day long were it a) real and b) had nothing on it but super Viking beards. This would only result to about three hours a night, with two repeats of fine beard programming. Well that doesn’t sound fun at all now. What could be fun though is MTV announcing they’re interested in rebooting Michael J Fox’s other movie with hi-tops, Teen Wolf, as a television series. MTV are screaming about it being very different to the original movie. Bienvenue, quotation.

“It has a fresh take. It has more of an American Werewolf in Paris feel to it. It’s a dramatic thriller with two best friends in the centre who provide a great comedy element: They are two very relatable characters on the outer circles of popular cliques.”

Jesus, American Werewolf in Paris? Did they actually see that movie? Is this a good idea? Well, maybe. As a kid, Teen Wolf was such a good film to watch. It was a monster movie you could watch with your members of your family and not have them scream at you “this is unsuitable!” Apart from where Stiles is locking people in cupboards at a party for them to get freaky. Come to think of it, Boof was rather hot. And this scene here is clearly a classic.

This planned series may turn out to be an average watch. I don’t think it’d ever reach the heights that other franchises have reached, and if this manages to pull a Buffystroke, then I’ll quite happily film myself eating elderly ladies’ worn underwear. Albeit, if it did turn out to be successful, and I’m picking warped cotton from my teeth, then it’ll have a limited shelf life. Of course, you’d just have to remake the movie for the entire origin story, but then what? What possible adventures could be had? Scott Howard gets fleas. Scott Howard gets neutered. Scott Howard has a pedicure. Scott Howard saves a boy in a well by barking at nearby people for help. Yeah, it stinks already. And if you want further reason to not do anything with this, look where Wierd Science: The Series ended up…

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