Catch Up Blammo: BOLT

The first of our new ‘Last night I watched…” segment in which we review anything we feel of interest that may not be ‘coming soon’ or just released.

I just finished watching Walt Disney’s ‘Bolt’ on DVD and, to my surprise, found it pleasantly enjoyable!  It’s as predictable as they come in this latest attempt at reaching teh untouchable heights of Pixar but nevertheless is a cuddly, furry movie that is sure to put a smile on anybodies face.

My wife giggled all the way through at the tenacious hamster in a sphere named Rhino and I smirked at the few little movie insider jokes and as the movie’s credits closed I felt surprisingly satisfied.

The voice acting was fine (led by John Travolta and Miley Cyrus and backed by some nice cameos from James Lipton and Malcolm McDowell), the visuals very pretty indeed and the music typically over sentimental in the ‘original song’ Oscar baiting areas but exciting in an Incredibles way in others.

The script for Bolt, however, is without question the weak link of the chain of events and, as afore mentioned, is both astoundingly predictable and, at rather regular points, over sentimental.  But then this is Disney and really do we expect or even want much more?

Regardless I found Bolt the kind of film you put on to brighten up a rainy Sunday afternoon and I really can’t help but recommend it. It’s a shame I missed it in 3D.

3 out of 5

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