Red Faced Sonja?

Ok this is kinda bizarre.  Either we here at BLAMMO have been incredibly misinformed or FOX NEWS are up to their old shenanigans.  They report:

At this time last year, Rose McGowan told us how excited she was to be kicking butt and working under the direction of her fiancé Robert Rodriguez in the she-devil comic book adaptation “Red Sonja”, but it turns out a serious injury has brought the production to a standstill.

Okay this is fishy for a few reasons.

1 – Rose McGowan stated she wasn’t doing the film on her Twitter.

2 – Robert Rodriguez reportedly had a falling out with the studio (they didn’t want her to star) and then reportedly had a fall out with McGowan over the first fall out and…

3 – Rodriguez was supposedly producing Red Sonja, not directing it.

So anyway yeah – apologies if we’re wrong on this one (we’re just as excited as anyone to hear this is actually in the process of being filmed)… but I’m rather sure we’re not.

If anyone has any further knowledge on this then leave a comment and we’ll report it and reference you.

Update:  Douglas Aarniokoski was the guy signed on to direct Red Sonja, not Robert Rodriguez.

16 Responses to “Red Faced Sonja?”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    i liek moviez

  2. But not good grammar?

  3. Wherez da beubs at.

  4. Thunder Badger Says:

    Fugeddabout Red Thora or whatever-her-name-is, I wanna see a film made from that still!

    I can just see it now!

    “Rose McGowan is….

    The Girl With Red-Leather Interior And A Polka-Dot Swimsuit!

    Coming soon (!) to a DVD Player near you.”

    Ahh, they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

  5. Wasn’t that most of Charmed?


  7. Thunder Badger Says:

    Ahh ‘Charmed’, three beautiful wome sharing a house in San Francisco.

    Was it just me or did anyone else like to pretend they were lesbians, not sisters?

  8. They were sisters? Oh god, now I’ve overclocked my smut chip.

  9. Thunder Badger Says:

    Err…no, DvS, I was mistaken, they WERE lesbians all along. They must have been, they were witches.
    (Surprisingly enlightened for an American TV series!)

  10. Is that you being arcanist there, assuming all witches are sisterly lesbians?

  11. Thunder Badger Says:

    I’m sorry, let me clarify my previous statements. I do not assume that all witches are sisterly lesbians, nor that all lesbians are witches.

    I just HOPE that all witches are lesbians!
    (Its more fun that way)

  12. The world should play by Hammer rules, we’d all benefit from it so much.

  13. Thunder Badger Says:

    You needed a VAMPIRE to tell you that?

    I think it’s about time we had that chat…..

  14. It’s the only way to get close without a slap in the face. Announce I’M A HAMMER VAMPIRE and they let you in.

    Also stress that a Hammer Vampire does not sport baggy trousers or had a song called 2 Legit 2 Quit.

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