Turbo review: If you’ve not yet seen it then go watch this now.

Slightly slower yet still faster than the chick with the stick in Thundercats review: Sitting somewhere between a Sergeo Leone piece, a Robert Rodriguez farce and a Tarantino pastiche The Good the Bad and the Weird (Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom to give it it’s true title) is simply the most fun I’ve had with a movie since Death Proof.  It’s utterly ridiculous, effortlessly cool and stunningly photographed.

Kang-ho Song (last seen in the tremendous yet seemingly unseen by the majority of the universe, The Host) stars as The Weird, an outlaw with a mysterious past and a knack of getting himself in trouble.  Finding himself robbing a prize (a treasure map) way more valuable than he expects he goes out to seek the loot trailed by The Good (a bounty hunter), The Bad (an unstoppable assassin) and the entire Japanese army.

Unfortunately it does drag a little at the end of the second act where the spectacle becomes rather over explosive and stunt after stunt is thrown at the viewer (each amazing but, alas, your patience does begin to wear thin as you wish the plot would continue).

However it truly is another example of how the Korean film market is unstoppable at the moment with high quality genre pieces.  Utterly recommended.

4 out of 5

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