You’d never think that one of the most talked about indie movies of the past twelve months would have connections to Troma. Deadgirl, on paper, is exactly what you’d expect from the genius schlock horror company. Two guys wandering around in a disused asylum to drink heavily and put the world to rights whilst drunk, discover a girl shackled to a bed in it’s depths, no sign of life at all. Most certainly dead, until it’s revealed she’s undead! And, as expected, the ideal thing to do would be to question if you should keep the girl purely for sex, or phone the authorities. Oh god, are we heading down Necrophilia Avenue? Well, yeah but give it a chance…this isn’t Troma…

The Troma link is Trent Haaga, the writer of the film. Trent wrote Toxic Avenger 4 and has starred in a gazillion Troma films. I remembered him from Edge TV, which was their foray into late night television here in the UK, many years ago. A show that also introduced me to Tiffany Shepis as well. Rawr. Haaga’s script for this had been sat in limbo for near enough a decade, and I can think if it was picked up when it was originally written, you wouldn’t be watching the same film. We have the directors to thank as well, Marcio Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, for altering the course. Deadgirl is a very dark movie, and where you’d expect the riotous laughs to be are replaced with serious tones. And then…vice versa….

It’s not heavy on blood as you’d expect, its more of a film that questions people’s morals, aiming for realism than coating everything in claret. There’s enough sex to make most people feel uncomfortable, but it’s been noted that it’s all a hidden message that all men will screw anything (That’s not true! I have standards!). Yet we then find ourselves scratching our heads at some nonsensical WTF moments. Isn’t this part meant to be serious? Is it wrong for me to laugh at this bit? Can we lay this down on the delivery of the male leads, which throughout is rather ropey.

Deadgirl is a film that’s not going to whet everyone’s appetite, but it is one that can sit rather high above other “rated” indies. It’s also a different spin on the tired zombie genre, in fact, horror in general, that is original and for the most part, entertaining. Give it a spin. The film that is, not a dead chick.

Deadgirl scores 3 Undead Fiestas out of 5

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