News Round Up

KILL BILL 3:  Quintin Tarantino has suggested that he wants to bring back the blood for another instalment of his Kill Bill films (most likely as the daughter of  Vernita Greene or the often talked about missing twin sister of GoGo seek out revenge for The Bride’s killings).  Variety report:

There to promote “Inglourious Basterds” — the festival opener — the filmmaker said he wanted to give Uma Thurman’s central character and her daughter Beebe 10 years of peace before the next bloody installment, which would push the project to 2014.

The A Team:  More pics have come from the set of this, seemingly pointless, remake of the 80s classic TV show.  The cast is surprisingly good though and ‘Narc’ director Joe Carnahan has delivered the goods before.

We’ll see Joe… we’ll see.

2 Responses to “News Round Up”

  1. Cube spent ages growing that ‘fro for Baracus grooming, only for Rampage Jackson to come out of nowhere and nab it. That’ll teach you for Are We There Yet?

  2. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Who the fuck is Quintin Tarantino

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