Halloween soon! Way to miss the point, UK.

Buzz is everywhere about the latest movie creating brown trousers at midnight showings across America for Paranormal Activity, a film dubbed “the next Blair Witch“. Something says this one doesn’t have a crying girl with inhuman mucus pouring out of her nose whilst talking to herself. Or does it? A couple move into their first house together, only to find that there is someone, or something with them. It could be demonic. DEMONS! When was the last time we saw a good demon?

This’ll do good. Simplified horror that’s original and doesn’t revolved around splatterings of gore or masked maniacs from the eighties being brought back for…yeah you get the drift.  In my eyes, what you can’t physically see and what makes the mind go apeshit is the right formula, so I’m absolutely welcoming this. When’s it out? Seeing as we’re in October, it has to be towards the month’s end, right? WRONG. Overseas have had their fair share of fun for a while whereas, we, the Great British public, must suffer until November 27th. Nnnnngfuckyoufuckerclungeholes. In the meantime, Blighty, enjoy some authentic audience reactions spliced into the latest trailer!

One Response to “Halloween soon! Way to miss the point, UK.”

  1. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Oh boy the exorcist filmed via a shaky cam… I can’t contain my excitment…

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