Freak of the Weeké

Okay I’ll admit it – I will watch anything with John C Reilly in.  The guy plays the everyman better than anyone else on the planet and when his character is anything but normal the comedy that comes with this just rocks my world. Yes I loved Walk Hard (anyone with a problem with this should leave quietly now) and anyone that didn’t love Boogie Nights has no place on this planet.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (also featuring a bearded Salma Hayek – rawr) looks to be a young teens movie along the lines of 80s classics such as The Monster Squad or that one with the old grandpa/ ghost and the clock and, because of Reilly, the lack of gratuitous violence, alien attacks and full frontal female nudity will not phase me. Also I back any movie with vampires that don’t ‘glitter’ when they go into sunlight.  You know who I’m talking about.

Anyway I digress the point of this post really has nothing to do with vampires or movies… it’ my chance to get Mr Reilly’s attention as I have some seriously important stuff to discuss with him:

Dear John – I love you… love me too!!!

LINK to Trailer (IMDb)

One Response to “Freak of the Weeké”

  1. John C Reilly+As a Vampire= My butt in the seat. I can’t resist a good blood sucker flick! I’ve watched alllll kinds: good, bad, foreign, kiddie flicks, animated, you name it. Reilly as a Vamp? Yes please.

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