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Remake: We Are Many

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H-h-h-h-h-h-h-has everybody heard, about the bird? Yes that flock of remake seagulls flying above movie studios everywhere, daily, hourly, BY THE SECOND. With films like Zombieland and District 9, tearing through the legions of Seen-It-All-Befores having their moment to shine. And they did. Now, sadly, these forces are multiplying at a rate of knots, and it’s my duty to shout and moan about them. Ready? LAUNCH THE DvS NEGATOMIC PURIFIER.

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Harry Brown

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Well I was told that Michael Caine‘s latest film, a low budget British crime thriller, was basically the UK version of Gran Torino.  There are indeed a good few similarities between the two, no more so than in the basic premise of an elderly gentleman who can’t take the violent youth gangs any longer.  However Harry Brown is really very different to Clint Eastwood’s enjoyable, if over rated, story of vigilantism in pretty much every other aspect.

Caine plays a widower living in a grimy old high rise flat who is continually dismayed by the extremely violent gang culture that is prevalent about  the area.  When his friend is murdered he can take no more and, utilising his long suppressed military training, seeks justice the Old Testament way…

Harry Brown is not, however, a Death Wish style picture.  It’s very slow and surprisingly gritty and it only takes moments to make you consider how wonderful your life, your neighbourhood and, especially, your neighbours are when seen in contrast with those of the titular character.  Director Daniel Barber‘s pacing is extremely slow giving Caine the opportunity to shine as the lonely old man who has nothing left to live for.  The cinematography too is noteworthy, sitting somewhere along the David Fincher ‘Seven’ style of gloom and fluorescent bulbs and the very sparse musical scoring makes the gun bangs consistently loud and shocking.

Yeah it’s bordering on fascist in its political take on how society should deal with her failures and, though very, very depressing, I can’t help feel Harry Brown is a marvellous work of very British film making.  It’s a low budget pleasure and takes a normally glamorous genre and shows it as bloody, believable and most of all unpleasant.

4 out of 5

A Nightmare is proving to be exactly that

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Hey, let’s piss and moan about Freddy Krueger again, shall we? We all know it’s getting the unecessary remake treatment, we all know it won’t be the same without Robert Englund, or Heather Langenkamp, or that man who’s been in absolutely everything who played Nancy’s father. Blah blah heard it all before, no need to re-tread old ground. Consider the following image a spoiler, as it’s been revealed by NECA Toys via promotional figurine information what Jackie Earle Haley will look like under the make-up. So much for secrets. Spoiler pic following! Continue reading

“The Carter” – a Lil Wayne Documentary

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“Every film-maker should be so lucky to be granted a character as unique as Lil Wayne to explore, despite the seemingly unlimited access to him and his world which he has promised us, he wouldn’t sit down with us for interviews … Therefore we have done our best to reveal intimate details of his life through is music and lyrics.” – Adam Bhala Lough

Lil Wayne, or Weezy has he will be known sporadically through this review, is a popular platinum selling rap artist out of New Orleans with his own successful record lable.  His father “Birdman” aka “Baby” is also a rapper and record label owner and as such Wayne has been living rich since the early 90’s.  Weezy’s body of work contains over 50 official and unofficial album releases and over 1000 unreleased singles.  Lyrically he can, and often does, flip between interesting insights on life to outrageous nonsense in seconds.  Wayne’s influences are difficult to gauge as he only seems to listen to his own music… If any musician deserves a documentary Weezy deserves a documentary!

“Dear Mister Toilet… I’m the shit” – Lil Wayne

Weezy is actually a rather pleasant subject given his various addictions! (I should point out that Lil Wayne is an avid weed smoker and an addict to promethazine-codeine or as we’d know it “cough medicine” or  “syrup” as it has been coined has become synonymous with Lil Wayne’s name.) and doesn’t appear to be uncooperative with the film maker so quite why Adam Bhala Lough couldn’t achieve his film making goals is a mystery: What exactly was his angle? Did he even have one at all?  The obvious choice would be one that’s only briefly touched upon: Wayne’s various addictions and how it has effected his relationships with family and friends.  Whilst Wayne is quite clearly uncomfortable with giving out personal information, his friends seem more than happy to talk about him and his past.

“Why complain on Easy Streets, I don’t even talk I let the Visa speak.” – Lil Wayne

With the quality of some recent high profile documentaries it’s also a bit of a disappointment to see so much terrible camera work and grainy footage.  Overall “The Carter” is a missed opportunity and, though Wayne constantly gives a great deal of energy with his twitchy mannerisms, general swagger and his outlandish tattoo’d face, it looks not unlike the production could have been filmed on a mobile phone (and if so it would have been just as watch able)

“Fuck what you heard, like my dicks against your eardrum” – Lil Wayne

Don’t get me wrong I was entertained, but that was no thanks to the director, its all down to the star of the show…


The House Bunny

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My fears are being realised. Anna Faris may never appear on screen as a brunette again. Even more concerning is her threatening line-up of features including Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and Yogi Bear (doing voices for both, guaranteeing a non-brunette appearance other than as an animal… Win?). Anyhow, this is irrelevant in a film review.


The House Bunny ticks most of the boxes for a generic semi-romantic comedy, which are both its charm and its flaw. At no point does the film attempt anything different or new. Instead it sticks to a tried, tested and often tired formula, never pushing any boundaries. But then why should it? It’s not a film that can be easily misunderstood.

The storyline is worryingly close to that of numerous similar chick-flicks, but none more so than Clueless. Yet in its laziness The House Bunny has a certain charm about it that makes it so easy to forgive its flaws.

There’s no gross-out comedy here, and the only slightly tarnishing element is its clumsy message that it’s what’s on the inside that counts… but it sure helps if you can look a little bit sexy too.

I am unsure if Anna Faris is either suited to these roles, or these roles are suited to her. Either way, she brings enough character and personality to them that always make her a very watchable actress, and this is no exception.

A sturdy cast in Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings and Emma Stone (showing big star potential) allow Faris’s ditzy Playboy bunny Shelley to take the film safely out of the realms of believability. I can’t find a more perfect word to describe everything about this film…


3.5 water bra’s out of 5

Season of the Witch

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The World’s Greatest Actor ™ is back!  Yes Lord Nicholas of Cage continues his relentless battle against the evils of unemployment to ensure that he can afford that really kick ass castle when he finally retires.

Joining him is Ron Perlman (Hell Boy, Chronos, The Name of the Rose) and Christopher Lee (Howling part 3, Police Academy 6) in a movie that may possibly (and I say this with fear that the lord may hear) go straight to DVD.

Behold mortals – The Season of the Witch:

Hunter Prey

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Way back in 2003, back when watching short movies on the net seemed fresh and new, a guy named Sandy Collora got together some seriously expensive looking costumes and made a name for himself creating fan fiction (stories based on movies, comics or other  pre established fictions), the most reknown being this:  Batman Dead End.

Now, almost seven years later, Collora, like BLAMMO sweetheart Neil Blomkamp, has been given his chance to make a movie of his own.  Clearly a fan of the more science fiction angle of movie making he got his original Batman (Clack Bartram) back on board and set off to the desert to create an alien world.

The press release goes like this:

The Prometheus has dropped out of orbit. Communications and life support systems are down. Situation Critical: Status of Crew and Prisoner unknown. With orders to catch their Alien Prisoner alive the surviving crew of the spaceship Prometheus pursue a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with their escaped prisoner on a deserted and barren planet. But, who is the hunter and who is its prey?

Hunter Prey is scheduled for release in the US now with no definite date over here yet.  It’s been a great year for sci fi and even better for indie breakthroughs.  Can this follow those indie successes of 2009 or is it another straight to dvd Zone Horror type that may have started with a good idea but has been buried by bad acting and workmanship?