Hark! It’s the Prince Of Persia (again)

Well doesn’t this look rather “meh“! From Jerry Bruckheimer, it’s the video game adaptation we really couldn’t be arsed with, and although the trailer suggests the occasional epic moment to behold, we have to put up with some mediocre storyline. Can’t win ’em all, eh. Looks like Ben Kingsley can file this with Thunderbirds.

4 Responses to “Hark! It’s the Prince Of Persia (again)”

  1. Wow how amazingly Uwe Boll-tastic!

  2. Damn, the Professor beat me to it!

  3. Know what’s bad on this trailer? The fact that Gylenhaal’s voice has been redubbed by Nolan North, the guy who provided the voice of Drake in the PS3 game, Uncharted. There is no hope for this movie.

  4. While I don’t see this movie being a huge hit, I think it came out far better than it could have… It may suffer from decent trailer-itis.

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