Clash Of The Titans Looks Like Shit!

Oh dear. What happened here?

I’m not alone in feeling quite “MEH” with this, am I? This is Clash Of The F’n Titans! Yet, this looks like 300 on hallucinogenics. Why am I not convinced this will be good?

5 Responses to “Clash Of The Titans Looks Like Shit!”

  1. Hahhaa yes well… hmm!

    Okay I LOVE the original movie. Really love it and, unusually, I have no problem with a remake (as let’s face it all Clash of the Titans was in theory was an amalgamation of various Greek mythologies and awesome Harryhausen effects with the dude from Rocky exclaiming “By the Gods” every few minutes and an insanely hot princess. So yeah remaking a remake sits fine with me and I like that they’re going for the giant scorpions meets Prince of Persia look. I have and always will despise ramping of any kind in films (damn you Tony Scott) and I think Perseus looks a bit brutish… but I couldn’t help but giggle at how ridiculous this looks.

    I’ll be watching it for sure 🙂

  2. I feel quite meh about it. I was expecting something slightly different than a ‘300’ knockoff but I suppose I was setting the bar high. Looks like something that I will watch at some point and then have absolutely no recollection of what actually happened 5 minutes after seeing it.

    • You expected the Clash of the Titans remake to look good and not be a 300 knock off? Well I suppose somebody, somewhere must.

      • Now I never said I thought it would be good. I just felt they might have approached it in a more original manner. Optimistic I know as always go with the safe option but still….

  3. Hmmmm, just doesn’t seem the same without the Clyamation goodness. But I might be a tad partial, seeing as it was Harryhausen’s work that got me interested in film.

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