Far Cry – Trailer

Dr Uwe Boll (pronounced Oovay Bowel) is back with another game/ movie tie in!  Stand aside you Brett Ratners and Paul W Andersons of the world as the king of hacks is back!

This time he’s not throwing C list name actors at us as I suspect he’s realised that between the Far Cry game title and his own name there will be enough noteriety to get this into the hands of horrified gamers and bemused movie lovers throughout the world.  And you know what?  Good luck to him – there have been an extremely small number of games that came over well to the world of cinema so I really don’t see this as a wasted oportunity at all.  See you on Zone Horror in a few months Uwe!

Possibly needs more Jason Statham and Diora Baird though.

See what you think anyway (Far Cry is on DVD right now in the UK, November 29th in US!):

(DvS Edit: There’s another version of the trailer over at the following link, should you really feel you’re not getting as much of a fix as you’d really have liked. IGN Video: Far Cry DVD Trailer – Trailer.)

3 Responses to “Far Cry – Trailer”

  1. Udo Kier. You will do absolutely anything for a buck. There’s not much difference between him and this guy.

  2. Saying that, this would make a good Bleeding Eyes.

  3. GW Paperstacks Says:

    Til Schwieger is awesome in Inglourious Basterds, maybe he can pull some mean faces and make Far Cry more than just trainwreck tv.

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